The VapeWild Modcast: Episode 03

February 7, 2018

As promised, we're back with part of our initial discussion of the future of vaping and FDA rules and regulations. We dive into nic salts thanks to Crystal and discuss the positives (yes, there are positives) and negatives we deal with when working with the FDA. Eric gives some great insight on how things have changed over the past year on the regulations front and we look ahead at what the future may hold. Plus, we answer some listener questions!


The VapeWild Modcast: Episode 02

January 31, 2018

The Modcast returns with our regular host finally here, joining the gang for the beginning on what will be an on-going discussion of the future of vaping and FDA regulations. Since these are broad topics, there is plenty to cover and we're breaking things out over two episodes. On this episode, Part One, we discuss vaping vitamins, CBD oils, and caffeine.


The VapeWild Modcast: Episode 01

January 5, 2018

VapeWild jumped online and quickly took over the entire world wide web, and now they’re back to conquer your sound waves with the all-new Modcast, a colorful and informative monthly podcast where they talk all things vaping from regulations to flavors to their latest industry ventures. Join their lively cast of characters who add their “wild” personalities with their own brand of zany antics, while taking vaping seriously, but never themselves. is best known for their wide variety of tasty flavors, award-winning customer service, and their unique social media approach relating to their customers and fans. Go deeper into the minds behind the madness and meet Eric, co-owner, Dave, the Marketing Services Director, and Crystal and Callie, two marketing and content gurus who are behind the scenes of the inner workings of one of the most successful vape brands in the industry.